Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I really must get a new profile picture

I consider myself computer literate. After all I have grown up with computers. I filled out many a computer punch card growing up and can write a mean flow chart and program in FORTRAN and BASIC. I started using computers at work in 1985. I still miss the control i had over my computer back in the PC-DOS before Windows took over everything. I have Built and updated dozens of computers and seen the emergence of global positioning systems and auto steering in Agriculture. I was updating a computer recently and the only thing I was able to keep was the case and the DVD-ROM. The hard drive would have worked but my son convinced me to spend some  bucks and at least double the capacity. He also convinced me to try the UBUNTU graphical user interface for LINUX rather than sending more money to Microsoft. (so far so good, my wife has been using it with out issue for over a year). Thank Goodness I bought a USB connected drive for all my old software on 3.5 inch floppy drives. I am finally throwing out out the boxes of 5.25 in floppies (that actually are floppy). I can't help worrying that some computer whiz will be able to look at my exciting correspondence from 1998 which was the last year I could read them. I worry that as a society we aren't archiving enough of this technology and old storage mediums as we did reel to reel and 35 mm film. But my kids are threatening to send my name  in to appear on the reality show "the Hoarders" so I had to finally give those up. But my kids still consider me a Luddite. "No one emails anymore dad except old people"(would that be people over 18?)."Is that a real friend dad or a Facebook friend" . I have been known to text my teenage daughter to tell her supper is ready which she prefers to my yelling up the stairs. I was shocked to have my own kids not take my phone calls. They tell me it is too expensive. They ask that I send them a text instead. But do you think I can change my profile picture? I haven't sold DeKalb corn for a year and yet my blog photo still has me wearing a their  hat. At least Croplan Corn and Monsanto have a good working relationship. Oh well the kids will be home from school for the holidays soon. Maybe I can get them to fix it. I guess I better send them a text or post it on their Facebook walls. Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year everyone.

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Michael Jones said...

Since you only update this blog every six months or so, you can probably keep the profile pic for a little longer.